Thehsuperficies was created with any other heavy heart that wanted to hide behind unnecessary information. I thought that was the best way out, but turns out it was just the easiest one.

I’m done with that, and I have decided to deal with matters face-to-face, privately, honestly and bravely.

Til then, goodbye for now!

It’s time to clean the smoke screen.
That I’ve been in.
Strength through strife.
Joie, from Life.

Love always,


I love this. To all cute girls in the world, I know what you’re really like. Now we know why she was so popular.  This is just a physical manifestation of her non-existent mouth – She doesn’t show it, but she’ll rip you apart. This really makes PMS look like a walk in the park.

AH. we all do have our Hello Kitty Chainsaw days. But mostly it takes the form of telekinetics (I wish you imploded….right about…NOW)  and a very forced (but visible, unlike kitty) smile.

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not too sure if it’s me feeling for the govt but i’m pretty sure it read “retailers lose face in the millions”

As many of you know, in this football season, I’ve thought up a fantastic betting system which allow market forces to determine the returns of winning. For someone who doesn’t gamble, I just thought it was, RATHER BRILLIANT. (oh yes, I do)

Traditionally, betting within a small group of people would usually mean a general sweepstake – $2 will entitle you to pick one team from  into a bag full of teams and the owner of the winning team gets the entire pool of money.

This plays entirely on luck.

My game works on a bidding system. To own a team, you have to enter a minimum of $2. So say, if I support Brazil, I’ll put in $2. Given that Brazil is a pretty good team, their chances of winning are higher – so there would be someone else who would outbid me. Say John, who outbids me at $4. This raises the grand pool of money. This goes on for as long as it can – until the “team’s worth” caps.

The benefits of this is that players get to determine the team’s worth i.e. their odds of winning.
Good teams which have better odds will have lower returns – you’ll be earning your own money back
Naturally, the winning bid on lousier teams will be lower, but if you win, your returns will be higher.


I knew I should have been an actuarian. I’d have made it at least into the little leagues.

I’m am seriously, without a doubt, in love with anything soft and cottony. M&S FTW.

i tell you. this wisdom comes with age. no wonder it does so well with the aunties.

without sounding too much like a weak ass, i’m quite positive that that hot yoga session is giving me a headache.

this is the consequence of lack of discipline and constant practice.

“Eh. what happened to your eye?”
“Ask me nicely please.”
“Okay. MAY I know what happened to your eye?”